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Gallery of Pearls

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Here are 3 strands of fabulous 8 to 8.5 mm Akoya [Salt Water] Cultured Pearls from Japan. These exceptional quality pearls have it all. They are very round, have very high color and luster, superb orient, and excellent thickness of cultivation. Cultured pearl strands of this quality are quite rare. We have an excellent selection of cultured pearl strands in many sizes and qualities.

This is a group consisting of Fresh Water Pearls from China and also from Lake Biwa in Japan. The matched pairs are great for designing large earrings or for any other artistic concepts. The very high luster and graceful organic pearl forms practically design themselves into spectacular works of creative jewelry.

Here are 12 natural color black, Baroque Pearls from Tahiti. I select these pearls one by one for their beauty first as well as their size, color, freedom from blemishes, and exceptional luster. We stock a big assortment of loose Tahitian pearls in a variety of sizes and colors.

Here is a close-up of an inexpensive strand of treated color black Fresh Water Pearls from China. Chinese Fresh water pearls are probably the best bargain in the jewelry world today. It is hard to understand how pearls this beautiful can be produced for such a low price. They can be strung in simple choker, matinee or Opera lengths or can be combined with other pearls, gold , or anything else that you can think of for wonderful bead designs.

This is a group of natural color pink toned Fresh Water Pearls from China. These half drilled drop shaped pearls lend themselves to an endless array of design possibilities. We carry lots of other loose pearls in natural and treated colors as well as whites.

Here is another assortment of large Chinese Fresh Water Pearls that are perfect for many kinds of creative designs. These unusual flat pearls are selected very carefully for their overall beauty and for their graceful organic forms. Everyone sees something different in these unusually shaped pearls and each one winds up becoming a totally unique piece of artistic jewelry.

Blister Pearls.

We carry an almost endless variety of unusual Pearl varieties. Here are just a few more of the many, many types of pearls that we have in stock at all times. There are bars, buttons, coins, sticks, drops, X-shapes and so much more.

Sets of exceptional quality Chinese Fresh Water Buttons that are 12mm-13mm each.

Very unusual Chinese Fresh Water Pearls that are great for really artistic designs.

Six strands of exceptional quality 8.5mm roundish Chinese Fresh Water Pearls.

Another group of very unusual Chinese Fresh Water Pearls that are great for really artistic designs.

Beautiful large natural color Chinese Fresh Water Pearl strands.

Natural Pearl clusters from Venezuela.

Natural color off-center drilled strands of Chinese Fresh Water Pearls, sometimes called "Cleopatra Style".

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