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This is ME - Ross Altman -- for more than 28 years I have sought out the finest gems and pearls and still hand pick only the gems that "speak to me".


For almost 3 decades I have been supplying jewelry designers, manufacturers, retailers,craftspeople, gem dealers, and collectors with the finest gemstones and pearls available anywhere. I search the world over for the choicest gems that always have the extra pizazz that the most creative and artistic jewelers demand.

My education was in the natural sciences [chemistry, biology, psychology and a bit of geology] and I wound up teaching science for a while in the NYC school system. One day, quite by accident I stumbled into a world that I did not know of before -- the world of Gems and Minerals and Jewelry.It was love at first glance - here was a fantastic world that brought together my love of science and nature and an almost equal love of the arts. In a very short time span I realized that I could gather up some of natures most wonderous creations and bring them to to the most creative jewelers all across the country.

I personally hand pick every single gemstone and pearl in my extensive inventory which runs the gamut from amber to zircon. Though I stock lots of regular sizes and shapes, I especially love the slightly more unusual forms of everything that I deal with.

Some of the more interesting items that I carry a big selection of are:



Amber [with and without Fossils -- cabs, beads, pairs, briolettes, odd shapes]

Boulder Opals [singles and pairs -- thousands to choose from in all sizes and qualities]

Opals [solids, doublets and beads]

Amethyst [all sizes and qualities]

Tourmaline [ faceted, cabs, beads -- in all colors]

Watermelon Slices [one of the biggest collections anywhere]

Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires

Star Sapphires, Cats Eyes and other "phenomenon" stones

Lapis, Coral, Jade, Turquoise

Aquamarine [fac. and cabs]

Garnet [tsavorite, rhodolite, spessartite, almandine, hessanite, demantoid]

Topaz [Imperial and blue]

Pearls - Fresh Water and Akoya -- Strands and Loose

Freshwater Pearls [Biwa, Chinese and American]

Loose Tahitian Pearls [rounds, baroques, blisters]

Tahitian Keshi [naturally formed]

Natural Color Pearls

Rounds, Buttons, Sticks, Coins, Mabes, Blisters -- Lots of odd shapes

Peridot, Kunzite, Morganite

Moonstones [all kinds, sizes and qualities including Rainbow, Ceylon and Labradorite]

Rubellite and indicolite

Crystals of all kinds

Quartz [rutilated, tourmalinated, dendritic, rose]

Cabs, Carvings, Special Cuts ....... and SO MUCH MORE

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