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When a parasite or other organic matter invades the shelled habitat of many of the mollusks of the world the organism reacts by encapsulating this intruder and then coating it with layer upon layer of pearly nacre, thus forming a pearl.

Man has learned how to "culture" pearls from oysters and mussels by inserting beads or other nucleus shapes made from shell, or slivers of mantle tissue (most Freshwater Pearls) into their shells. This stimulates the mollusk to make a pearl.

We carry a wonderful selection of pearls in both Freshwater and Saltwater varieties. We have many kinds of pearls in strands, but we specialize in loose pearls of all kinds, shapes, and sizes. Some of the many pearl items we carry are:

  • Chinese Freshwater
  • Akoya [saltwater]
  • Tahitian South Sea
  • Biwa
  • Blister
  • Mabe
  • Drops
  • Buttons
  • Rounds
  • Sticks
  • Odd shapes
  • Keshi
  • And so much more....

Lots more coming soon....

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